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19 Vandeventer Avenue, Princeton

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY possesses a rich Christian history. In 1746, Princeton
was established to educate Christian leaders. The school's official motto reflects its spiritual heritage: Dei Sub Numine Viget (Under God's Power She Flourishes). The university's alumni are men and women who will assume some of the most influential roles in global and national leadership. But Princeton has drifted from her spiritual heritage. As many as 87 percent of students have no Christian influence during their years on campus. 

The Robert L. Melrose Center for Christian Leadership has been established as part of Christian Union's ongoing work to develop Christian leaders at Princeton. The Center will be the hub for the organization's work in training, mentoring, and discipling tomorrow's leaders.

The Center
Robert L. Melrose

ROBERT MELROSE graduated from Princeton in 1954, served in the U.S. Navy, and later was an assistant professor at the University of Florida. Though his goal was to return to teach at his beloved alma mater, that goal would not come to fruition. In 1959, after only eight months of marriage, Robert and his wife died in a tragic accident at their home. 

Ken Melrose ’62 saw an opportunity to bless the Princeton community and honor his older brother, Robert, and his love for the Lord, by establishing the ministry center in his name. Through Ken's extraordinary lead gift, and the support of more than 170 additional financial partners, God has graciously provided the resources to launch this Center for the glory of God and the enrichment of Princeton for generations to come. 

Learn more about Robert in the video tribute above (4:21), and in Ken's talk, below, given at the dinner to celebrate the opening of the Melrose center (12:06).​ 

Ministry Partners


Christian Union was founded at Princeton in 2002 to develop Christian leaders, and has now expanded to another eight of the nation's foremost universities: Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard (and Harvard Law), Penn, Stanford, and Yale. At Princeton, the ministry resources and supports the student organization Princeton Faith & Action. 

Christian Union envisions a spiritually vibrant Princeton serving as a center of global Christian influence and invites your support. 

Learn more about Christian Union >


Below is the list of financial partners who gave 100+ to help make the Center a reality.

Christopher Ackerman ’94

Robert ’87 and Jean-Marie Alpert

Ryan T. Anderson ’04

Anonymous (2)

Kevin and Susan Antlitz

Chester ’54 and Florence Apy

James ’88 and Karen Armstrong

Yolanda Lucila Arriaga ’84

Christina Elaine Badaracco ’12

James and Susan Badaracco

Evan ’05 and Kristina ’04 Baehr

George ’55 and Carolyn Bashore

John ’06 and Jessica Basler

Matt Bennett

Lorri Bentch ’91

Frederic ’68 and Susan Billings

Jason and Audrey Blomgren

The Honorable David ’62 and Lil Bramlette

William ’83 and Karen Brown

Dr. Franklin ’62 and Linda Browne

Bruce ’53 and Joan Buell

Nathan and Sarah Camp

John ’63 and Jean Campbell

COL Barton ’62 and Madge Campbell

Eugene Choo, MD ’98

Timothy Chou ’80

Kristin Chrouser ’95

Jonathan ’93 and Carolyn Chun

Neil ’52 and Virginia Clements

David ’09 and Annie ’09 Colquitt

Eun-Sang ’99 and Jonathan ’94 Covin

John ’55 and Myrna Cruikshank

Mack ’13 and Jennifer ’13 Darrow

Mark and Catherine Davis

Richard Davis *74

Patrick and Karey Dennis

Mark and Susan Dillon

Tom ’61 and Christine Donnelly

Davison Douglas ’78 and Kathryn Urbonya

Mr. and Mrs. Steve ’01 and

       Danielle Edwards

Matthew *11 and Nicole Escarra

Drs. Daniel ’01 and Abigail ’01 Fahim

Todd ’94 and Carol ’94 Fausnaught

Charles *92 and Linda Ferenbaugh

Redmond ’51 and Jeannette Finney

Ken ’82 and Beth Fish

Frederick ’61 and Muschi Fisher

Mike and Marty Paxton ’77 Franchot

Ryan ’97 and Abigail ’97 Frederick

Jamie ’62 and Mary French

Brian ’00 and Iris ’00 Fujito

Donn ’49 and Norma Gaebelein

A.J. Gafford ’06

James C. Gomez ’94 and Family

Barbara and James A. Gomez Jr.

Daniel J. Gomez

John ’82, Sara ’18 and Kristin Goodwin

Robert Griffiths ’57

Pastors Trevón and Qwynn Gross

Carl ’74 and Phyllis Gustafson

Beau ’05 and Stephanie ’05 Harbour

       On Behalf of the Class of 2005

Bud ’55 and Jill Harper

William ’80 and Tracy Hawley

Hutz, Lynne, and Hiley Hertzberg

Robert ’70 and Kathryn Hews

Kimberly Ho ’81 and

       Lawrence Schoelen, Jr. h’81

Charles ’62 and Victoria Hohenberg

Tom ’54 and Annie Lou Holton

Paul W. Horrocks

Raymond Hsu ’11

Graham ’92 and Jennifer ’92 Hunt

Arnold ’74 and Juliet Hyndman p’12

Lisa M. L. Jeffrey

Hilton ’61 and Georgia Jervey

Gregory *12, Asha and Aslan Johnsen

Christine Caffrey Johnson ’81, p’16

Bob ’62 and Ardy Jones

John M. Jones, Jr. ’64 and his wife,

       Helena Z. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Joye ’67

Rick ’12 and Lydia ’12 Kearney

Mr. and Mrs. Peter ’78 and Elizabeth Kelley

Franklin ’62 and Patricia Kemp

Ron Kerridge ’84

David Kim ’00

Dan and Laurie Knapke

Harry ’76 and Joanne Knapp

Tim ’96 and Laura ’96 Kuo

Clifford ’51 and Marilyn Kurrus

Randy and Sarah Ochs ’93 Lake

Allen and Angela Lamb

William F. Lange ’56

Susan Larson

Edgar ’51 and Nan Lawton

Dr. Richard ’46 and Louise Lester

Evangeline C. Lew ’10

The Living Word Board

Samuel Logan ’65

Peter Maag ’12

Rob Roy ’60 and Peggy MacGregor

Bill MacIlvaine ’52

Christopher ’58 and Donalee MacIlvaine

David Madison ’65

Jason ’11 and Amanda Martin

Dale ’76 and Demetra Matthews

Bob Maynard ’45

Jim ’70 and Maggie McElyea

Roemer ’78 and Constance ’78 McPhee

Julian ’68 and Leslie McPhillips

Curtis ’77 and Betty Ann ’78 McWilliams

Kendrick B. Melrose ’62

Christine Meyer ’80

Aneil ’84 and Karen Mishra

Gaye C. Montgomery ’83

Frank ’55 and Deane Mountcastle

Robert ’74 and Nancy Mowrey

Guy ’51 and Joan Newland

Reade ’50 and Pam Nimick

Peter ’65 and Gail Ochs

Mr. and Mrs. A.O. Oladapo

Michael ’00 and Mary ’00 Pagnotto

Ven. Richard ’45 and Allyene Palmer

Linnette Pilar

Tan Poh Lin ’08

James and Charissa ’14 Qian

Joshua ’07 and Vanessa Quiñones

John ’97 and Sandra Quintanilla

Caraun Reid ’14

John ’53 and Ann Roberts

John ’72 and Janis Roland

William Sadler ’52

Andrew P. Schmalz ’04

Bruce ’70 and Sara Schundler

Peter ’65 and Susan Schundler

George ’70 and Brenda Shepherd

Jonathan ’98 and Ashley ’97 Shine

Dr. Linda Shookster ’77

Josh Simmons and

       Lindsay Grinols Simmons ’04

Julia ’10 and Micah Smith

Jack ’12 and Cristina ’12 Squiers

Kevin ’75 and Jayne Staley

Daniel Stefan ’08

John and Gail Stevens

A. Russell ’58 and Sherrill Stevenson

George ’51 and Mary Stewart

The Stover Foundation

Mary (Moan) ’97 and Darmon Swanson

Dennis ’75 and Judy Sweeney

James ’70 and Elizabeth Tang

Ed ’62 and Ann Thurber

Edward ’52 and Josefina Tiryakian

Greg ’92 and Ali Tsai

Margie and Bill Ughetta ’82

Elizabeth E.R. and Duncan W. ’58

       Van Dusen, p’90, ’92, ’94

Timothy Van Hooser ’99

Benjamin ’51 and Marcia Van Tuyl

William ’56, *60 and Lois VandenHeuvel

Roland ’83 and Yvette Lopez ’85 Warren

Eric ’58 and Joyce Weaver

Clark ’03 and Adair Webb

Ed ’62 and Mariann Weihenmayer

Stan ’03 and Peyton Williams

Philip ’57 and Barbara Woerner

Joseph ’81 and Lara Woods

Jeff ’95 and Kelly ’95 Woolbert

Justin ’09 and Kate Woyak

Michael and Chris Wright

       In Honor of Todd ’94 and Carol ’94 Fausnaught

Didi Yep ’04 and Christopher St. John

Denise Young

       In Memory of Peter M. Young ’62

Lane and Michelle Young

*     Princeton University Graduate School Alumnus

p    Parent of Princeton University Alumnus

h    Honorary Class Member

Christian Union
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